I need a life…

I don’t know why I’ve been in the mood to draw so much SasuHina fanart lately. I kinda feel bad, because I ship GaaHina and NaruHina, too. </3 I hope you all like it ;D

Scenario: Naruto and Sakura start going out, and Hinata is heartbroken, trying to hold it in. When Sasuke mentions her situation, she starts to cry.


Some sasuhina stuff for today. As requested by asamino the basketball au and the second one is a little mother and daughter in law bonding. uwu


“I wonder when we’ll meet again.”

Waiting for the rain to stop-Comic strip version


Hinata “Tits of Ages” Hyuuga and Sasuke “Dick in a Box” Uchiha.  Based on what little we got from the Road to Ninja previews from Kishimoto.  I would’ve added Shikamaru based on his notes, be he sounded so…unappealing.  Ah well, two out of three of my OTP ain’t bad.

By the way, I have it in my head that Sasuke would be the kind of guy who would use any excuse to lift or remove his shirt (“Oh dear, my abs itch.”) or flex (“Wow, look at the time.” *pa-POW*), or ideally, a combination of both.

I’d totally bone him.