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Gunfire Girl


AN: I couldn’t resist the Western AU! As a native Texan, it would be a shame not to write my otp in my home genre~ enjoy

Warnings: Cliched, hastily written, and un-proofread

Gunfire Girl (Part One)

Hinata was in dire situation. Stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea as her mama used to say.

It was dark, so pitch black that even the coyotes had enough sense to keep hidden on this night. The only light was the lantern hung on the branch of the one tree strong enough to hold it in this forest, and it created an orange halo that extended out by a few scant feet. Everything outside that reach was a wall of darkness waiting to swallow her up if she decided to run. 

That was the deep blue sea. 

And this was the devil - 

"When should we send word to good ol’ Mr. Hyuuga that we got his pretty, lil’ daughter." A monster of a man crouched before her, gun in hand as he tapped it against his chin in thought.

The gun was one of her family’s, or rather, her family’s company - The Hyuuga Repeating Arms Company. It was one of their latest models, a Hyuuga 1860, small, 11 ounces with a standard 8-inch barrel, and most likely stolen

"Well?" The man asked again, this time looking at his two companions who still sat on their horses. In total, there were three men, each uglier than the last, with the typical look of outlaws. 

Hinata still didn’t know how they managed to snatch her. One moment, she was exiting the theatre, and the next she was knocked unconscious. When she woke up, she was tied to this tree, all her jewelry missing, in nothing but her drawers, and looking into the face of this mean ol’ man. 

That was an hour ago. 

Since then, she had calmed considerably after the leader threatened to shoot her if she didn’t stop crying.

"I think we should send him a letter first," said one of the men on the horses. He smiled at the thought, revealing a gold tooth that gleamed in the lantern light. "Tell him that we got his daughter, and if he wants to see her again, then he better met our demands." 

As scared as she was, Hinata couldn’t help but squeaking out, “My father won’t give you any mo-money, sir.” 

All three turned to her and she flinched. 

"What was that?" Asked the leader. Hinata didn’t answer, immediately regretting opening her mouth in the first place. The leader punched the bark by the side of her head and Hinata just about passed out from fright.  ”You better answer me, girl.” 

"My father … he won’t … pay … not a good enough reason." 

"Why’s that? We got his heiress ‘ere, don’t we? I reckon that’s a good enough reason to cough up some of that dinero.

Hinata shook her head. “No … he’s …” there were no words to explain her father. Unmoving? Harsh? There was a reason Hiashi Hyuuga was the richest man in the west, and it wasn’t because he cut deals with criminals. Not even for her. 

"Well, then," said the leader lowly, "that’s a damn shame ain’t it, then?" 

Hinata’s eyes widened when he lifted the gun just a few inches from her face. “Wait - I’m su-sure there are other ways-“

"Better start praying that you can swim, girl, ‘cause it’s a long way down to the bottom of the river." 

Suddenly, a gunshot rang in the air. And for a moment Hinata thought she was dead because it was pure black, but then she realized the lantern had been shot down. 

The horses whinnied as two more gunshots rang out. Hinata heard the distinct sound of bodies hitting the floor. 

"What  in tarnations!" Yelled the leader, but he was quickly silenced as another gunshot sparked the air. His body fell on her bare feet, and she became downright hysterical when she felt his blood seep through her toes. 

Footsteps approached. Hands touched her. 

Hinata began struggling like never before. 

"Stop," commanded a voice. "I’m trying to untie you." 

Slowly, the rope came undone. Blood rushed back to her arms and legs. Relief filled her soul. The first thing she did was push the body away from her with her feet. ”Thank you for sav-saving me,” She stuttered out, unable to keep the tears out of her voice. 


"Sir?" Hinata ventured as she rubbed her wrists. 

There was a sound of a match being struck against a box. The small flicker of light sat between the two of their faces. She noticed three things in that moment. First was his eyes - as dark as hers were light. Second was that he was ridiculously beautiful. 

The third? 

He was familiar.

It hit her like a punch in the gut. 

His face was on every Wanted poster from Oklahoma to Mexico. Best gunslinger in the west. Member of the infamous Sevens. He had a bounty of $50,000 on his head, the highest that Hinata had ever seen. 

And here he was, standing before her in the very flesh. 

The most dangerous man in the world. 

The Sasuke Uchiha. 

"You shouldn’t be thanking me," he said tonelessly. 


I need a life…

I don’t know why I’ve been in the mood to draw so much SasuHina fanart lately. I kinda feel bad, because I ship GaaHina and NaruHina, too. </3 I hope you all like it ;D

Scenario: Naruto and Sakura start going out, and Hinata is heartbroken, trying to hold it in. When Sasuke mentions her situation, she starts to cry.


Some sasuhina stuff for today. As requested by asamino the basketball au and the second one is a little mother and daughter in law bonding. uwu

Don’t get too close
It’s dark inside


new one shot chapter: Duck to Swan

Two gold medals and three times breaking his own personal best score, and father still made that half-amused face whenever he opened his mouth about his career.

Maybe that’s why he was messing up his jumps, yeah, that’s it, the Hyuuga had nothing to do with it.

Of course, she chooses today to prove him wrong.


hinata as mei and sasuke as hyuu ///u v u///

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